If you like clean lines and simple modern design, we can make you happy with design consultation and fabric choices to suit your modern vision.

Featured applications

Retractable Awnings

Patios, balconies, decks or trailers - we have installed retractable awnings large and small and will use our expertise to guide your choices. Some clients prefer to have a motorized option, while others opt for manual options.



We will collaborate with you to help you chose the most flattering style and colour scheme to suit your traditional tastes. 



Let our experts help

All our awnings are individually custom  designed in collaboration with our clients. We independently fabricate each awning.  


Some home styles dictate repetition for style purposes or simply due to necessity, let us help you make those choices with cost efficiency in mind. 

Small & Perfect

Sometimes, even the smallest over-the-door awning increases curb appeal and resale value. Let our design team guide you to make the biggest impact for the least expense. Perfect for those looking to spruce up an otherwise bland facade.

South & West facing exposures benefit from sun protection and this saves on energy costs.

custom fabrication

Designed and manufactured to your unique specifications.

We offer an endless variety of top quality Sunbrella fabric options and expert installation options to truly customize your home or business with style. Only we can create our famous "one-of-a-kind TRIMS"!!!!!!!! 

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If your business needs canopies over doorways, stairwells or walkways we can customize the project to meet your requirements.

Sometimes a pop of colour sets your home apart from the others. This choice of red and black did just that.


Richards Awning Artistry

awnings Save on cooling costs


"Awnings can directly affect energy use by simply blocking the sun. Heat gain through windows is one of the main reasons why buildings need air conditioners... 
In some climates you can save 20 to 25% of your cooling energy just by using awnings."

-- John Carmody, Director, Center
for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota